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Business accelerator for your development in France, Europe and Abroad!

If your company is considering export development, we can support you with our unique training sessions on this topic.

If you are looking for solutions for your development in France.

If you wish to develop internationally,
then our approach is definitely for you:

The discovery phase

  • We listen to your goals and objectives for developing the company in different regions
  • Together we establish pre-requisites and a sound business model and plan
  • With a hypothesis in place we determine potential within the new country, and get initial thoughts from the local EXPERTSinEUROPE member
  • Importantly we can provide an overview of financial support and legal compliance for your export project

This phase is completed with your company, the EXPERTSinEUROPE experts, and our partners. It takes an average of one month to complete.

The preparation phase

  • With this background completed we make sound recommendations and seek approval of the defined strategic approach
  • Depending on the market and specific plans we can help you source specific marketing collateral materials, offers and tools and/or help developing your existing ones to make them entirely appropriate for each and every market
  • We develop a specific Action Plan for and with the local EXPERTSinEUROPE expert
  • Your local EXPERTSinEUROPE expert can also support you in seeking out local business support for which you may be eligible

The first two parts of this phase are completed at the client’s offices. Implementation times vary.

The immersion phase

This phase takes place in the country where you wish to develop

Communication, coordination, overseeing of all developments with the company, and negotiating with local partners and agencies and the EXPERTSinEUROPE expert, until the project’s full completion.

Our approach provides you with a considered and low risk solution to approaching and developing new markets across Europe and abroad.

Emerod Development
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