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Business accelerator for your development in France, Europe and Abroad!

Emerod Development provides qualitative and customized solutions to the directors of SMEs/SMIs to create, implement and simplify their growth and development in France, Europe and abroad.

Working with us means you benefit from:
  • a network of locally-based Business Development Experts,
  • a pragmatic method, as well as operational solutions focusing on efficient, relevant and sustainable development.
  • It is why Emerod Development works as a Business Accelerator and is a global solution.
What I stand for :

Nicole Lafrasse-van den Assem is the manager of Emerod Development (Paris) since 2007.

"Originally from the Netherlands, I was a child when we came in France. I quickly found myself facing the challenges of French customs and the intercultural differences within the business world. After earning a double Master’s degree in Psychology and Business (MBA) in the United States and Asia, different groups of foreigners started entrusting me with their Marketing, Sales, and Organizational responsibilities, leading me to build, coordinate and breathe life into new entities, and develop new markets all over Europe."

We mainly support foreign enterprises in France. However, in France, SMEs/SMIs need high-quality support to stimulate their development. Going abroad should be an automatic reflex because it’s an excellent way to grow, generate employment and create enriching experiences.

Adept at collaborative partnerships, we work with different outsourcing specialists (finance and fundraising, administrative, legal, marketing, coaching…) and have created partnerships with business development experts in Germany, Italy, Europe and Abroad... all through the EXPERTSinEUROPE network.

Emerod Development
Nicole Lafrasse-van den Assem
4 rue Henri Barbusse
92190 Meudon. France

Tel: +33 (0)6 26 54 92 22
Skype: esmerald33