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Business accelerator for your development in France, Europe and Abroad!

How we work externally

EXPERTSinEUROPE works by forming strategic partnerships and pairs with skilled and experienced marketing and sales professionals across Europe, building bridges and synergies between the countries:

  • You are supported in your own country by EXPERTSinEUROPE partner in that country. They speak your language and are familiar with local business standards. They will agree an action plan with goals and objectives.
  • This action plan will be shared with and delivered by the local EXPERTSinEUROPE partner in the target country. This allows you to leverage the power of our intra continental sales and marketing network. The local EXPERTSinEUROPE partner in the target country will help you make connections, put driving forces for growth into place, and coordinate action items to be completed.

Thanks to our internal communication systems, all information and actions are followed, and coordinated between you and us, so that we can take action and adapt as needed, at any time.

How we work internally

The EXPERTSinEUROPE network works through collective partnerships based on the principles of mutual trust and help, professionalism as well as professional and intellectual enrichment for every member company.

All the network of experts dedicates their time and skills to creating more visibility and to continuing the development of the network. This leads to valuable exchanges and a catalyst-like effect between all partners. As a customer this makes entering new national markets and sectors straightforward and low risk.

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