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Business accelerator for your development in France, Europe and Abroad!

…to operational actions…

For foreign clients who want to develop in France:

  • A business center dedicated to your development.
    Available in France, the Netherlands, the United States of America.
  • Individual support services: in cases you need the services of a legal specialist, an accountant…
  • Market Entry services:
    • Coordinating participation in tradeshows,
    • Support and negotiating during prospect meetings, tradeshows, store checks
    • Networking event coordination
    • Set-up an Export mission
  • Market Research:
    • Simple or advanced market study with forecasts and returns on your future field contacts
    • Operational marketing to insure compliance of your tools and materials (brochure, assistance with distribution agreements, general sales conditions, offering, letters, invoices,..)
    • Translation
    • Media planning
  • In-Market Support:
    • Intermediate steps: certification, search for logistical and technical partners...
    • Pricing policy
  • Partnership and Joint-Venture: quite an effective way to enter a new market. We research the best profiles, establish contact, found the legal solutions, and support you from the negotiation period to contracting. We stay involved in the partnership over a specific period of time. Reasons for collaboration may include manufacturing, assembly, distribution, research and development, customer service or post-sale, and service.
  • Assistance and translation during business meeting
  • Research, Negotiation and Management of the network of distributors or sales representatives: Prospecting/Contacts/ Negotiation /Management of distributors
  • Access to a distribution channel with various agents in France (equipment goods)
  • Running and adaptation of your website (standard and merchant)
    • Training for distributors/partners/sales team
    • Master franchise: support in meeting compliance with the concept in France, research of master franchise
  • Mergers and acquisitions: create smoother relations between the teams by focusing on the cultural differences that may be at the roots of the conflict
    • Drive relationships with partners in France : Legal, Financial, Administrative, Recruitment, Relocation, Relationship support
  • Start-up, development and management of your subsidiary being your right hand in France with coordination and regular reporting with your services abroad as Interim Manager (*).

For French clients:

  • All services of Emerod Development for its foreign customers can be realized for the French clients.
  • Coaching of your customer services
  • Interim management for your development in France and start of your International activities (*)
  • Some examples:
    • Start the new activities for a company
    • Take over strategic clients in France during maternity leaves or prolonged absences;
    • Carry out a situation analysis for the General Management with on-site support in order to implement the recommendations for improving business management performance.

(*)The Interim Manager is highly skilled and equipped with the expertise and operational know-how to instantly—in case of an emergency—take over the tasks of any salaried employee who may be absent for a specific period of time or for the first development of a new branch. (www.womanager).

Interim advantages : payment of fees without additional taxes. This system gives flexibility, is adapted to your needs, saves time and money and time without interference with your teams and with a real involvement of the manager)

All-in-one services

For fast growing companies with a lack of competences or companies needing to be reboosted, we made-up our « all-in-one » services.

Emerod Development
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