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Business accelerator for your development in France, Europe and Abroad!
You are:
  • A Foreign SME
    that wants to develop in France or abroad
  • A French SME
    that wants to develop in France or abroad
The challenges you are facing are:

and strategic

How do you:
  • Know if there’s an existing market, or other unexplored market segments for your company in France and abroad?
  • Really showcase the heart of your business, your values, and strengths?
  • Position your offers and identify your client benefits?
  • Identify your targets and how to move into exporting?
  • Define your areas of development, pricing policies as you expand, and the best Export strategy (joint-venture, franchise, transfer of technology, liaison office …) ?
  • Design an Export plan?
  • Find the right operational approach and skills to help you implement your strategy, and boost your business once you’re on location?

Operational Developments in France and Abroad

How do you:
  • Get reliable market research that comes with recommendations?
  • Prepare your export sales tools, and adapt your products and/or services to local customs?
  • Communicate effectively to your target market and clients?
  • Organize and prepare your exhibition abroad?
  • Find and negotiate with partners in another country?
  • Manage and follow up with local partners? Found the right counterpart ?
  • Resolve intercultural conflicts stemming from a merger-acquisition with a foreign company?
  • Establish logistics, and implement customer service?
  • Handle administrative matters within the country, comply with local law, and take care of accounting?
  • Have instant access to operational expertise there to support our development in case of absences within your company?

Emerod Development
Nicole Lafrasse-van den Assem
4 rue Henri Barbusse
92190 Meudon. France

Tel: +33 (0)6 26 54 92 22
Skype: esmerald33