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Business accelerator for your development in France, Europe and Abroad!

EXPERTSinEUROPE allows you to accelerate your development in Europe (France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, UK.), in the United States (East and West coast), in Canada and in the Maghreb countries.

EXPERTSinEUROPE is a network of men and women, experts in company support and business development since more than 10 years. They are connection creators and operational solution builders.

EXPERTSinEUROPE is a network that provides expertise and qualitative services. The members are all running their own business today after being highly educated and skilled and hold important high-responsibility positions (Marketing, Sales) within international companies. They all understand how companies function, the importance of budgetary constraints, and the need to obtain sustainable results. They also have experienced how personal rapport and intercultural relations can have a major impact in the business world.

Nicole Lafrasse-van den Assem is the origin of EXPERTSinEUROPE network. They offer their services in tandem.

Nicole (France), Gabriele (Germany) ; Marco (Italy) ; Hilary (UK), Bertrand (USA)
EXPERTSinEUROPE is based on three founding axes:
  • Providing support from a locally-based network member. Simply put, this person understands the environment, the language, and the business customs of the networks within that country.
  • Providing support in a functional and practical manner, using a system/method.
  • Getting the complete involvement of your company.

Emerod Development
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